Tennis Courts

Create a family-friendly artificial grass tennis court with our high-quality synthetic turf.

It’s time to break out those rackets and schedule a tournament with family and friends. Southwest Greens of Nashville can provide you with the ultimate backyard experience with our synthetic turf tennis courts. Play a singles match or team up to dominate in doubles. Either way, you’ll feel like a winner when you realize how minimal the upkeep is with our artificial grass for tennis courts.

Our durable surfaces don’t require any water, and you won’t have to mow or fertilize. Better yet, drainage is a breeze due to the way our turf contours and adapts to the ground. No matter the season, no matter the weather, you’ll have the most trusted artificial tennis grass that will stay in optimal playing condition throughout the year.

Designed for comfort, our quality tennis turf is made out of polypropylene copolymer, which cushions the impact your body makes on the court. Sprint to your left and then cut to your right before returning your opponent’s backhand – your body won’t believe this tennis court is synthetic.

Even with the supportive material, the surface produces a true bounce of the ball. The court feels natural and you can customize it in your favorite colors. We offer 16 choices, so you can truly create a personalized tennis court to make your neighbors jealous.

In addition to your home, we can install courts for commercial locations, such as parks, schools and businesses. Whether you want an indoor facility or have it outside battling the elements, your turf will always look lavish.

Let Southwest Greens of Nashville help you build an artificial grass tennis court that you can call your own. We’re the most trusted name in the industry, and we want our customers to be happy with years of backyard fun. Create some memories, get in shape, or just sit back and relax. A synthetic tennis court will save you time and money, so don’t wait and contact us today.