Artificial Grass and Turf

Southwest Greens Nashville installs synthetic lawns that are perfect for your pets or for athletic fields. Enjoy the same benefits and ruggedness of real grass without any of the maintenance or stains!

There are multiples uses for our synthetic turf for both residential homeowners and commercial entities. The great look, high performance, low maintenance, and durability of our grass is great for:

Pet Turf

Southwest Greens Pet Turf

Pets that spend a good part of the day outdoors deserve a service that is comfortable and safe, and as a pet owner you deserve a service that is both durable and drain-able. Our EnvyLawn Pet Turf is all of these things and more.
Everyone knows that dogs like to dig, but with artificial turf the problem of replacing dug up parts of your yard will be gone instantly. And because there is never dirt or mud on synthetic turf, pups who love to get a little dirty then track it into the house will enter your home as clean as they left it. Furthermore yellow urine stains on grass will be a thing of the past, while picking up after your dog has never been easier. And your pet will love it because fleas, ticks, and other pests common to natural grass can’t survive on synthetic turf.


Athletic Fields

Southwest Greens Athletic Fields

In recent times our synthetic turf has proven to be a high performance alternative to natural grass for a host of sporting activities and on a number of athletic fields. The ability of our artificial turf to remain in pristine condition in all climates with virtually no maintenance has proven attractive to sport facilities looking for a great year-round surface.
Why does our turf make such an effective athletic surface? For one, our advanced backing system allows our turf to conform to the slopes and contours of your field, thus ensuring maximum drainage. And by installing a synthetic grass field you instantly remove the need for mowing, watering, or fertilizing; saving on maintenance costs while putting the most realistic alternative to natural grass on the market firmly in play.