Putting Greens

Enjoy the leisure of golf in your own Nashville, Tennessee backyard with our artificial grass and golf greens!

Synthetic Putting Greens

Our greens are designed to the customer's specifications, accompanied by our professional synthetic putting greens assessment, which is backed by our extensive experience in the proper evaluation, design, and green installation in relation to location, climate, and the wishes of the customer. During the design process, we consider carefully with the customer important considerations, such as the size of the putting surface, the slope of the land and how it will affect the layout of the green, specific undulations and tiers built into the putting surface, fringe areas, chipping areas, sand bunker viability, and other landscaping ideas that could enhance the aesthetics of the finished products.

When you practice on one of our greens, you will surely improve your putting stroke by being able to rely on consistent putts, with a true roll from every position on the green. And being able to chip and pitch from any distance with confidence, knowing that the ball will stick and roll without having to repair divots, is something that amateurs and professionals alike appreciate in owning one of our putting greens.

But the main difference that enables you to practice golf in the comfort of your own home or business is the minimal maintenance that our greens require. It doesn't matter if the weather is extremely hot or extremely cold. Our greens have been installed in all climates, perfectly maintaining their quality year after year.

Tee Lines

Artificial Tee Lines

We all know how difficult and costly it is to maintain natural tee lines and tee boxes in golf courses due to the frequent use of these areas. Southwest Greens' tees maintain the natural look of the tee, while adding maximum durability, all at a fraction of the maintenance cost associated with natural tee lines. Furthermore, mats used in most practice facilities and driving ranges use rubber tees that do not provide the feel of a natural tee. With Southwest Greens' tee lines, players can place regular golf tees directly into the hitting surface, enabling a truer feel when making contact with the ball.

Nicklaus Design

Custom Golf Green Design

Homeowners imagine... practicing your short game while entertaining friends and family. Business executives imagine... conducting business meetings as your putting stroke improves. Hotel owners imagine... providing your clients a fun and relaxing service. And golf course owners imagine... the infinite possibilities of improving your bottom line, from practice greens to tee lines to even 9 or 18-hole pitch and putt courses.

Southwest Greens has recently entered into an agreement with Nicklaus Design to offer our clients a premium line of putting greens. This unprecedented partnership with the recognized leader in golf course design underlines our dedication to perfection and brings a level of sophistication and expertise which is unmatched in the synthetic turf industry.

If Jack Nicklaus' mark on the 20th century was his golf game, his legacy in the 21st century will be his golf course design career. His company, Nicklaus Design, has over 270 courses open for play in 27 countries and 36 states, 36 of which have been ranked in various Top-100 lists. Nicklaus Design has firmly established itself as the largest and most active golf course design firm in the world.

Nicklaus Design's golf course design expertise can now be utilized in the synthetic turf industry, exclusively through a partnership with Southwest Greens. Through this affiliation, Southwest Greens' clients can access Nicklaus Design's superior knowledge and be assured that their custom-designed green will be of the highest quality.

A personalized bronze plate, bearing the Nicklaus Design logo, will be inset alongside each putting surface to readily identify the elevated stature of your green.

Please contact us today about your dream project. You won't be disappointed!