Personal Indoor Putting Greens

Will my golf game improve by owning a backyard or indoor putting green?

We are proud to offer residents of Nashville, Tennessee indoor putting greens that can help to significantly improve their golf games! Our synthetic turf is designed to exhibit the true ball roll of your favorite local golf courses. If your dream is to build a putting green in your home, we can begin the consultation, design and construction process at your convenience. Once you start practicing on your personal putting green, you’ll be surprised how quickly you can take strokes off your game!

Nashville Indoor Puttinggreen

Our many satisfied clients in Nashville installed backyard putting greens from Southwest Greens to improve their short game — and you can, too! Whether you desire a putting course in your home or as an addition to your landscape, practicing on a professional-grade putting course with true ball roll really will improve your game in a short amount of time.

When you work with Southwest Greens, you can ensure that you are getting the highest-quality materials designed, constructed and installed by professional experts in the industry. We are one of the fastest growing manufacturers of synthetic turf for a reason! Our customers love our products and so will you. You may be surprised to find out how easy and cost-effective it is to have a putting green installed in your home, office or backyard. With our custom construction techniques, we will build a putting green that will fit your space perfectly. Trust Southwest Greens Nashville to give you the best synthetic products around.

Our custom indoor putting greens and backyard putting greens check and roll like real bentgrass so you’ll feel like you’re at your favorite course... without paying costly greens fees! Give your home the makeover of your dreams with Southwest Greens.

With our construction and installation techniques, you’ll get excellent quality that is made to last. Building putting greens for the home or backyard is our specialty. Our experts will help you custom design a green to fit your area and your budget. Southwest Greens Nashville can even provide the best synthetic turf for office buildings, parks, schools, churches and other commercial areas.

A personal putting green can change the way your approach your golf game because you can practice at your convenience. With construction and installation done in a timely fashion and your finished product guaranteed to look great, you can avoid the chaotic traffic, save money on green fees, and forget about lawn maintenance.

For the best artificial grass on the market, Southwest Greens Nashville is a hole-in-one!

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