Basketball Courts

Southwest Greens of Nashville can install a basketball court in your backyard or commercial space. There’s no better place to enjoy a game of basketball than in your own backyard.

Southwest Greens realizes there are many ways to get your sports fix, and in that spirit we’ve added high performance, low maintenance outdoor basketball courts to our mix. Now basketball enthusiasts like you can make every game with family and friends a home game on a special soft court surface built for year-round family fun.

Southwest Greens Basketball Courts

Built from high impact polypropylene copolymer, our basketball courts are designed specifically to reduce stress on the body by cushioning impact. In addition you’ll experience superior traction and ball response, making running, cutting, and dribbling easier. Now players of all ages and skill sets can enjoy the game of basketball on the safest, high performance courts you’ll find anywhere.

Backyards aren’t the only place you’ll find our basketball courts. Schools, parks, recreation centers and even businesses are providing a great place for fun and exercise by turning to our high end courts. And with 16 standard colors to choose from and custom colors available your court will be a reflection of your personal tastes. There’s nothing like a great game of hoops; especially when it’s happening in your own backyard!